Clinton River Report 2/25/18

River Conditions Clinton River, MI Discharge- about 750 cubic feet/ sec Air temperature- about 42 degrees Water levels are slowly dropping back down with bad water clarity still
I Got out to the river today at Yates dam around 4.  I was very surprised to see the parking lot full today! I wasn't doing any fishing today unfortunately, but the park was packed with fisherman. I mainly saw people dropping spawn with sinkers,  obviously some plug runners and a couple fly fisherman! Looks like people are getting out early this season for the steelhead. 
The water was still pretty high and dirty for my liking. Not saying there are no opportunities.. but definitely more of a challenge. 
If you want some easy access other than the most popular place on the river at Yates, check out down stream! There are multiple parks and river access sites to try out if you want to get away from the crowds this spring. Here are some of the big ones most people know of. Some of the best parts are the har…

Clinton River Report 2/21/18

Clinton River Report  2/21/18 Steelhead Coming soon! (Pic Nick Salpietra above Yates Dam last winter)

 Talk about Michigan weather these last few weeks...

Michigan has received a significant amount of rainfall in the last couple days. There will be a short gap here on Thursday in southeast Michigan with some nice weather but this weekend is still bringing more rain!

Our river ( the Clinton River) has reached an all time high in a long time. The USGS site documented the cubic feet per second reached 2050 for the discharge. Last time it reached this was back in 1997 at 2000 cfps.

Yates dam is looking pretty extreme right now. I have never seen it so flooded in my years of fishing. This system of new water should be a great start for the steelhead season starting to ramp up! The water will go back down and soon the water temperature will consistently get warmer and the steelhead spawning will be here before you know it. I'm

I am staying off the river until it calms back down to a safe …

Clinton River Report 1/25/18

Clinton River Report  Upper River 
Michigan Hooks 

The River discharge was at about 104 cubic feet per second above the dam in Auburn Hills. High of 33 degrees and mostly cloudy.

I got out today above the dam around 12:30 and fished around for a couple hours. The water has dropped back down to normal heights and the water clarity has also improved. I choose to wade around and use my spin rod, throwing small spinners and a couple crank baits. I honestly had no luck... no follows or anything today... I was mainly using white or green/silver, so maybe I was just using the wrong colors. Personally it has been very challenging these last few weeks on the river. With these major temperature changes I feel like it really messes with the trout. I usually give it a couple days after a major weather change for them to settle back out.

I didn't have a chance to check out Yates or anything below the dam. I saw on the USGS site that the water levels have dropped back down after that big mel…

Clinton River Report 1-14-18

Below Yates Dam Today the water at Yates is looking better!  Use caution on icy banks!
High of about 18 degrees and partly sunny. The water is much lower now after the temperature has dropped back down. On the bright side, the water clarity is much better now! 
Unfortunately there is still a lot of ice on the floor of the river. The slush on top wasn't too bad but definitely made it challenging! Still some ice shelves along the river side. Only saw one other guy at the park fishing today around 10 am. 
There is definitely opportunities for fishing below the Yates dam right now but still very challenging with the slush and ice. Seems to get worse down river.

Above the Yates dam  The conditions are great above the Yates dam! Clear water!
The daily discharge is around 92.1 which is back down just below the average at about 110 cubic feet per second. The water is back down to a normal speed and height! Lots of open water to fish! Not much ice left on the banks and basically no slush on …

Clinton River Report 1/11/18

Today we had a high of 54 degrees forcing a massive melt off on the river. The discharge was around 178 cubic feet per second today which is very high for this time of year. (Above the Yates Dam).

 The water was very high/ fast / and very stained. 

I made my way out to the river today out in Rochester around noon. I figured this was my window to get out right after the arctic front passed and before this all freezes back up. Walking through three inches of slush to get to the river, I soon realized how fast and dirty the water was. I wasn't surprised but I wanted to try anyway. standing there casting I could hear these huge ice shelves crack and float away.

When the water is this high I still haven't found a good way to find the trout yet. I know they like to hug the banks and hide down in structures like log jams ect... which can mean a lot of lost lures/ flies.

Unless the conditions are great I'm usually spin fishing. I mainly throw small to large spinners. A good metho…